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Email us ONE Swing​ (3-8 seconds) at, or  Your hitters entire body should be visible, and should be taken from the side, to the best of your ability, showing the hitter's chest (as seen in the image shown below).  Please note, to better serve your analysis goals, please capture the video up close.  

Do you want to improve your swing but don't know where to start?  You might not have access to a facility, or find it tough to find time in your schedule for one-on-one lessons at a facility?  If so, we have the perfect solution for you.  Take advantage of our signature service to receive a virtual hitting lesson anytime, anywhere.  And do it all through your phone!

Why choose our Online Video Analysis?

  • It's CUSTOMIZED - the instruction is tailored to YOU.  The instruction you need may be different than what your team members need. 
  • It's EASY - use your phone to submit your swing and receive personalized analysis.
  • It's FAST - save time by skipping the wait to get an appointment with an instructor.  We'll get your feedback to you in 2 days or less!
  • It's CONVENIENT - you don't have to leave your home to get the quality instruction you desire.
  • It's ECONOMICAL - save money by going virtual and focusing on one aspect of your swing at a time.
  • It's RELEVANT - we use tools you use every day (apps and emails) to provide feedback and even compare your swing to MLB players!

What's included in a lesson?

Purchase a lesson for $25.00 and get TWO  swing submissions and customized responses...the quickest and most cost effective way to work on your swing with a professional instructor.  Simply record a short (3-8 second) video of your swing and email it to us.  You'll quickly receive back a customized video and voice over analysis (1-3 minutes long) focusing on the single most critical part of your swing for initial focus.  The analysis will instruct you on your first area of focus and provide real, tangible feedback to start making immediate improvements.  When you're ready, submit your second swing video so we can see how you've improved. Again, we'll analyze and send you another analysis video (1-3 minutes long) containing feedback and  guidance on where the next focus of your swing should be. 

Your swing analysis will be completed and sent to you within 2 business days or less. We will email you when it is available to view. Videos submitted after 5pm will be considered the next business day. Videos submitted on a Thursday will be completed by the following Monday. Videos submitted on Friday will be completed by the following Tuesday.