One goal - one focus


Our Developmental Hitting Camps specialize in teaching players techniques and drills to help build a successful foundation. The goal of the camps is to develop consistency, feel, and proper swing mechanics.    


A key to hitting is TRUST.  A hitter only has one-half second to see the ball, make a decision on whether or not to swing, and, if he decides to swing, get the bat to correct contact point.  Contrary to what you might think, the biggest problem for hitters is not being late with their decisions and their swings.  Most mistakes in hitting result from poor training, poor preparation, placing the trust of your young hitters future with the wrong person, and deciding on the easy choice rather than the right choice.

video analysis


Video analysis from live action and training exercises provides immediate feedback for athletes. Video analysis will help you gain a competitive edge, correct faults and maximize strengths. How do you know what to look for, if you have never been taught?

"Many called, but few chosen." The SELECT few.

-Mel Didier, longtime MLB Executive & Scout

hitting camps

Private lessions are provided by an experienced instructor for those who are interested in improving their in-game performance.